Earning money from potted herbs

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Aside from the culinary and medicinal purposes of herbs, these could also be an excellent source of extra income.


Since herbs are mostly grown in containers, cultivating them does not involve high capital for planting materials. You would only need a pot that ranges from three to six inches in diameter. Other things you’ll need are seeds, potting soil, fertilizer, a place with lots of natural light, and water. Put some labels for each herbs including name of the plant, date of sowing, and the care it needs to keep you on track and productive. You could also consider buying planting materials in bulk for lesser expenses.

Selling the herbs

Selling herbs individually instead of wholesale is also more profitable. Know your buyers and their buying choices firsthand as it will save your time in figuring out the ideal place to market them. Determine which season the herbs are mostly in demand too. For instance, rosemary could be more marketable during the holidays or there might be restaurants in town looking for a supplier of basil and parsley. You could sell in a market, outside your house’s gate, directly to chefs, or to gardeners in your area, too.

Selling retail

If you plan to enter the retail industry, it is important to learn the best-selling herbs and the primary buyers of each plant, especially if you are selling them at wholesale prices. You can opt to negotiate with nurseries, gardening shops, grocery stores, or department stores and offer wholesale prices at least 70 percent of the amount that you get from direct sales.

Marketing strategy

A vital technique in setting a price for your herbs is to know your competitors’ pricing. Compute the potential costs of growing herbs from seeds, pots, and other materials and set the price of each based on the total expenses so it can pay back your time and budget. Sell your plants with the right prices as people may associate pricing with low quality. Promote your herbs online or through posting and giving away flyers so the buyers would be aware of the available products.


Whether you’re a hobbyist or not, growing herbs is a good idea to upgrade your planting game. It will help not only provide you health benefits, but can also help you earn a profit while having fun.

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