A reader’s condo roof deck garden grows melons and vegetables

Every now and then, we give our readers a chance to be featured on our website by having them share with us their favorite plant or how far they’ve come along in gardening. For this reader, her urban container garden located on the roof deck of their condominium is worth sharing to others. 

Lauren Sakuma from Taguig City shared how she started from a few plants to being able to harvest fresh produce from her urban garden.

“I had a few plants before the pandemic but surprisingly, since the lockdown, my love for gardening intensified,” Sakuma said. 

Lauren Sakuma posing in her urban garden.

She transformed their condo’s service or laundry area, located in their roof deck, into an urban container garden with the help of her husband and daughter along with some do-it-yourself projects.


“We already harvested melons and vegetables! [It’s] so rewarding! Our balcony is also being transformed into a garden because of my developing love for ornamental plants!,” Sakuma said. 

According to Sakuma, urban gardening gave her a connection to the earth which allowed her to ground herself with what God has blessed us with. 

“It’s a great stress reliever and it has replaced my usual running routine. That desire to live outside Manila got stronger and we are ready to be with a community of families who wish to do the same. We want to grow our own food! Food security is one of the reasons for urban container gardening,” she shared.

Photos courtesy of Lauren Sakuma.

This appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s January to February 2021 issue. 

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