Can banana peel be used to fertilize house plants?

There have been reports that using banana peel as an ingredient for natural fertilizer can help boost growth and supply nutritional requirements for plants. So the question now is, can banana peels be used to fertilize house plants?

Like most organic materials, the peels possess nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus which are both essential nutrients in fertilizer. But unless they’re dried, the peels are composed of 80 percent water, which means the components that fertilizers need are relatively low in the peels. 

However, if a banana peel is buried in soil, it’s likely to attract pests like fruit flies and fungus gnats as it decomposes. 

The best way to use banana peel as fertilizer is to add them to a compost bin where they can decompose without attracting pests. At the same time, adding the peel helps make the compost richer in nutrients. 

Other natural ingredients that can be mixed in a compost bin include fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and eggshells. 

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