Agricultural career options that don’t involve running a farm

Agriculture isn’t limited to farms alone. There are a bunch of opportunities available to everyone apart from working in the fields. Here are career choices that you can opt to venture into that most people don’t think are part of the agriculture industry, but are actually as important to it as farming:

Agriculture blogger or vlogger

Among all the social media platforms, including blogging sites and video streaming apps, you can make money by sharing your knowledge in agriculture. If writing is your specialty, you can share the beauty of agriculture through your write-ups. Use free blogging sites at first to lessen your costs and upgrade your website’s features when you start to earn. 

For vlogging, one can visit local and international farm destinations, talk to farmers and experts they meet there, and share their experiences to online viewers. Agriculture vloggers can make an impact in promoting local farms, farmers, and products that need to be put in the spotlight. Although it may take time to make money from blogs or vlogs, with great and reliable content, one can surely make a mark on these platforms one day.

Landscaping service

This entails ample time and hard work, but it can be a profitable business too. If you have skills in mowing lawns and have enough money to invest in necessary equipment for landscaping, you can also generate money from this. Start small, enhance your skills, and start marketing your services until you build and turn it into a real business.

Pest control specialist

Infestation of pests can never be eluded; hence, the presence of pest control specialists makes it easier to manage a farm. Farmers of large-scale and established farms would opt to pay for your service to take care of their farm pests than to do it themselves. You  can also  offer your services to landowners in your area. 

Agriculture Education

Many local farmers offer tours, but only a few of them arrange agriculture classes and programs that are accessible to the public. You can develop your own method of teaching and conduct engaging presentations that will make more individuals be curious about the industry. This can be an opportunity for you to sell equipment, plants, seeds, and other farming materials. You can be creative in selling these materials by making a beginners’ package that includes basic farming needs.

There are other ways to take part in agriculture, both for side jobs and full-time work. Agriculture is broad, and with the advanced technology, agriculture continues to develop.

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