How to market your farm products amid the pandemic

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The changes that COVID-19 has made to human lives has forced many entrepreneurs to innovatively adapt. As many of our farmers are grappling with the economic and social effects of the crisis, others were able to get by. A pivotal factor that can hugely help a farm to adapt with the situation is proper execution of marketing. This also entails knowing how to relate and serve the existing market. 


Online marketing

Since many businesses have been down for permanent or temporary closure, it is crucial to cope with these setbacks for us to rise again. An approach taken by an international entrepreneur when her business ceased operating is that she collaborated with online pop-up shops. Considering that everything is now online, she used social media as an avenue to promote her products. Other business owners can learn from this to improve their marketing tactics. One can also search and collaborate with a group of similar people so that they can have a larger network. 

Direct selling

When you want to be more certain of your sales and market demand, sell your products directly to clients and aim at a macro level. One way to carry this out is through making a Google form or an online website where shoppers can choose and buy straight from your farm. Targeting individuals rather than restaurants and large institutions is more sustainable, especially amid the crisis. 

Adapting to new customer habits

Despite the crisis, many farmers have been experiencing an increase in sales. Simon Huntley, a CEO of an international online platform that sells produce directly to consumers, has called this year a ‘year of home delivery.’ Delivery has always been there before, but its demand these days is enormous compared to then. In marketing their products, Huntley sends promotional emails. To upgrade marketing efforts, entrepreneurs can perform this scheme, too. Going online is most likely the solution to increase sales these days. Offering delivery and pick-up options also contributes in elevating your business services. Online transactions make things convenient and easier for both the buyers and sellers, which also entails less contact with the people. Through sending out messages on social media, posting marketing materials, offering delivery options, and similar services, you can develop ways to sustain your business that will keep you going forward despite any crisis. 


Staying kind

In the midst of a pandemic, it is also important to be a little bit kind and thoughtful not just to our networks, but also to strangers. Helping and supporting the community in any way possible will provide you positive energy despite the chaos around. This can also start the ripple of kindness to others, helping your brand become recognized as well. 

Through taking small steps at a time, reverse the mishaps into an opportunity to grow and succeed, for your business and for yourself.

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