How to establish a small farm from scratch

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Do you plan to build a small farm, but do not know where to start? Here are the steps that you should take to help make it happen: 

Learn and study farming

Before buying or renting a parcel of land, study agriculture as much as you can through reading farming books and magazines. Internship on other farms is also a big help in learning its practices and methods firsthand. Know and immerse yourself in the farming language by personally communicating with farmers. There’s no better way to learn the basics other than through listening to their experiences.  

Determine the farm features

Evaluate what you want for your farm. Do you want to turn it into a full-time business or would you just spend time on the farm during weekends as your hobby? Oftentimes, new farmers set out with the goal of being self-sufficient. If you desire to farm for the purpose of growing food for household consumption, you can also start small at home.

Plan your farm 

Jot down the ideas and things that you want for your farm in a notebook or on a computer. List the potential farm animals and crops that you want to tend. Determine if you want a diversified farm or if you’ll focus on one commodity and specialize in it. Write all your plans down so it would remind you of the things that you want to accomplish and factors you need to consider during the process.

A small farm, most of the time, is built for the purpose of growing food for your consumption and giving or selling excess supply to relatives, friends, or neighbors. Eventually, when you get the hang of farming, you can venture into selling your products to restos, local markets, food shops, or directly to buyers. Before that happens, make sure to fulfill the requirements of launching a business including the business plan, securing permits, marketing your brand, and building your online presence through a website.


If all set, the next step is to make your plans happen. If building a farm business, keep your sales rolling by researching what the consumers in your area need. You can start from a chicken broiler and egg business to a pick and pay farm.  

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