Orchids and Garden Plants Bazaar at Quezon Circle from October 10 to 25, 2020

The Philippine Orchid Society in cooperation with the Quezon Memorial Circle Management would be holding a 15 day bazaar at the QMC Elevated Garden in celebration of the 81st Founding Anniversary of Quezon City on October 12, 2020. There would be at least 37 tent booths offering an assortment of colorful orchids, exquisite bonsai, collector’s cactus and succulents, select aroids, lush ferns, bougainvilleas and even agrochemicals such as effective fertilizers and plant growth enhancers as well as reading materials related to orchids and gardening.

October mark s the terminus of the flowering season of the world famous Vanda sanderiana or locally known as the Waling-waling. Orchid and plant enthusiasts are given the opportunity to buy these at the bazaar.

As the nation heals, renewed enthusiasm for plants and gardening has been on the rise and rightly so as the garden may be an extension of the kitchen or even be as a space for high value crops as livelihood. The newbie plant lovers called plantititos and plantitas would be glad to know that the bazaar offers a wide range of plants and gardening implements on sale are situated at a relaxed, spacious and accessible location.

Entry into the bazaar is free of charge, yet in observance of quarantine protocols, social distancing would be followed and that wearing face masks, face shields and even gloves are required. The venue at the Quezon Memorial Circle at Diliman would be open to visitors from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

For inquiries, you may contact the organizer, the Philippine Orchid Society at 0917-8485468 or 7957-3524

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