Teaching kids to garden can provide them with a set of useful life skills

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Children nowadays have a variety of technology, toys, and entertainment options available to them. But gardening isn’t always at the top of the list when asked about which activity they want to participate in. 

Fortunately, there are some ways to engage children in gardening and teach them about the value of food as well as other useful skills that can help them in the future. 

One good way for parents or guardians to involve kids in growing food is by making it a group effort. Adults can use this to spend time together with the young ones and make it a teaching moment where the kids can learn about the life cycle of plants, insect habits, and more. 

Another good example to get kids involved is to have them select what plants they want to grow and where they want to do it. Doing so can help children understand responsibility, the value of hard work, and seeing a project through to the end. 

Be sure to supervise and help them along the way should they find some things difficult to do or if  they get distracted from the goal. 

Trying something different with plants can also get kids interested in gardening. One way to do this by planting colorful plants or unusual varieties like different colored vegetables such as red okra or purple chilies, for example. 

Apart from being able to spend time together, children can gain skills that they might find useful in the future. Plus, it’s a good way for the family to create fun and cherished memories. 

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