Preparing a safety kit in case of farm emergencies

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Working on the farm can pose hazards, and creating a safety kit is important for handling emergencies. The content of your safety kits must depend on your farm activity, and there should be more than one kit in key spots of your farm, stashed in key areas where accidents are most likely to occur. Here are some tips in creating a farm safety kit: 


Basic supplies

These include medical tape, antiseptic solution, gauze in different sizes, bandages, cotton balls, cold packs, duct tapes, plastic bags for contaminated items, thermometer, scissors, soap, first aid manual, and more. 



Your kit must contain medicines and information for those who require special attention. These medicines must include allergy treatments that don’t need to be refrigerated. Information about a family doctor must also be indicated. 


Emergency contacts

For any accidents, ensure that you must all have the numbers of the ambulance, nearest hospitals, fire stations, and other important information like addresses and mobile numbers. 


Multiple kits 

Your safety kit must be placed where it is appropriate and necessary should an unfortunate situation come. 


Basic first aid training

Make sure you figure out how to use the things in your kit by getting necessary training in case of an emergency. Make sure everyone on the farm is involved in the process to ensure everyone is prepared.


Checking your kits every three months to ensure that the supplies are not expired. Aside from the safety kit, it is necessary for all the farm folks to have training in CPR, first aid, and other programs that will guide you in preventing and handling unforeseen events on the farm. 


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