Boosting your sales: Things to keep in mind when selling plants online

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Online plant selling allows one to make their plants and products available for browsing 24/7. 

With the restriction on people’s movement globally, local markets and farms tend to accommodate fewer crowds to abide by the protocols imposed to lessen the spread of COVID-19. 

This has prompted many businesses to start selling online. In creating an online nursery, you also open your plant business to more opportunities such as reaching a wider market, and the ability to determine which plants sell and which ones are not. 

Where to sell

When it comes to making your plants and materials available digitally, you can either create a social media page for free or purchase your own domain with e-commerce features where buyers can add to their virtual cart. There are online marketplaces where you can list your garden or farm products, too.

Delivering your products

Dispatching plants and keeping it in good shape, especially when far away, can be challenging. There might come a time that you’ll receive negative feedback, particularly when the handling of plants does not meet the expectations of your customers. 

To avoid such scenarios, secure the plants and products well with proper packaging and right handling, and use a trusty courier service. Know which plants can thrive when shipped or delivered long distances. Inform your clients about the shipping process so they would be aware of its caveats, too. 

Online plant selling can be both stressful, but it can also be fun. It can make your business be more lucrative. Engage with your audience well and try to go along with the online market trends and demand. You can try live selling if you are that type of an effective communicator that markets well to potential buyers. This way, you can easily answer inquiries, too.

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