In part 1, we featured longtime farmer Reden Costales is also the man behind The Agrillenial channel on YouTube. Now, in his own words, he shares tips on running a successful vlog:

There are so many key ingredients for running a successful vlog. I actually made a free online seminar about this. You can view it on The Agrillenial’s Facebook page. But if I would really have to narrow it down to five, I would say that these are the most critical:

Consistency – Consistency in terms of regularity of uploads. This is to keep your followers tuned in on you and not to lose interest. The recommended frequency of uploads is at least once a week.

Engagement – These are the views, likes, subscriptions, comments, hearts and any other interaction you have to your community. More engagements will result in higher ranking and promotion with YouTube’s algorithm

Titles and thumbnails – This will serve as the face of your video. Make your titles as catchy as possible without using complex words so that it would be easy to search for. And your thumbnails have to grab people’s attention. If they are browsing and they see your thumbnail, it does its job by making the viewer click on your video even if they really don’t intend to watch it. It piques the intrigue and curiosity of the viewer.

Quality content – after your video has been clicked, what will make or break your video is your content, whether they will watch the entirety of your video or will they drop out all depend on your video quality so make sure to deliver.

Having a niche audience – There’s a saying that goes “if you aim for everybody, you will hit nobody,” which is also true in the vlogging industry. You have to determine who you want to watch your videos. Target specific groups of people because they are more loyal than the people outside of your niche.

Photo courtesy of Reden Costales

This appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s January to February 2021 issue.