3 tips to help kids fall in love with nature

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In the developing world that is rapidly being transformed by technology, parents must not forget the importance of letting their kids spend time in natural surroundings. Making children experience the outdoors is also a key for them to have a deep connection with nature. Here are three steps to make it possible: 


Notice. Connecting with nature doesn’t require a great effort. Nature can be as simple as appreciating a beautiful sunset or a butterfly that suddenly appears. Wherever you are, taking your kid for a walk from time to time, if not every day, can be a great routine and a potent contributor to their love and appreciation for the natural environment. Allow them experience a group of ants or hear the sound of frogs and let nature reveal itself to your kids. Sky is never the same as it was yesterday; walking around your area with them while being aware of the surroundings can mean so much. Most importantly, ask your kids questions about what the air feels like or how many birds they hear. Bringing this up will make your kids think about them and value them, too. 


Engage. Learning comes from experiences. Allow your kids to experience and learn about the world themselves. As they grow, find ways to involve them into fun, engaging activities that involve nature like hiking or fishing. 


We often hear parents telling kids to avoid picking up sticks or rocks because they’re dirty. However, stopping them from immersing themselves in these activities also prevents them from learning new skills or even knowing how to determine risks that they’ll be needing in life. As parents, knowing when to butt in during their play time is necessary, which will also differ as they age. Many times, guiding them from afar is great to develop the independence that they’ll need as they grow older. 


Initiate conversations about your experiences in the natural world and soon enough, they too will share their own stories. Ask them questions that will make them think like what do animals eat, where they sleep, or what their special skills are. 


Wonder. Do things with your kids, even inside your home, such as planting and growing their own plants. Let them sow their own seeds while following your actions and instructions. Make better use of technology by using it as a tool to draw your children into nature. 


Being around nature is crucial to every child’s wellbeing. Going outside, allowing your kids to see the beauty of nature, and enabling them to connect with their own world is something that is worth more than any amount of money can offer. 


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