How to stop and prevent aphids from attacking your garden

Aphids are small bugs that feed on plants by sucking their sap, leaving them to wither from lack of water and nutrients. 

The first sign of an aphid infestation in a garden is the symptoms of their feeding: yellowing leaves, stunted or dead shoots, and slow plant growth. When these signs are apparent, it’s best to act immediately in order to save the plants. 

Here are some ways to get rid of aphids:

1. Spray with water. This is the fastest and safest way to get aphids off of plants. Just spray them off the plants with a strong stream of water from the hose. Once the aphids get knocked off, they can hardly get back up.

2. Using insecticidal soap and horticultural oils. Aside from water, these insecticidal soap and horticultural oils are some of the low-risk approaches that can be done against aphids. Not only do these get rid of the insects, but they’re safe for both people and the environment as well. But these need to be applied on a regular basis for it to work properly since aphids reproduce fast.

3. Crush them with your fingers. Gently rub the plants’ leaves and stems that have aphids on them. These small insects are very soft so they’re more likely to be crushed under the light pressure. This won’t completely get rid of the aphids but it will give the plants enough time to grow healthy leaves.

To prevent aphids from attacking a garden, here are a few things that gardeners could do:

1. Use row covers in a vegetable garden. These row covers keep the aphids, as well as other pests, out but still allows air, light, and moisture to enter the plants.

2. Remove weeds. Keep crops safe from removing infesting weeds because aphids are not the only pests that can get in the garden through these unwanted plants.

3. Attract beneficial insects. Learn about plants and what insects they attract. It’s best if the plants attract ladybugs since these pretty insects eat aphids.

So if you see aphids in your garden, try out one (or all) of these tips and tricks to make sure that they don’t get the better of your plants. 

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