Plants and flowers that you can cultivate this holiday season 

Featured image by Angelina Ho from Pixabay.

As the most wonderful time of the year begins, it’s also an opportunity to bring Christmas plants into your home to add beauty and vibrancy. Many plants associated with the holidays are tropical, which means that caring for them is similar to other houseplants, too. Here are some plants that you could nurture this season:


Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima). Every Christmas, one popular flower that comes to mind and that has been part of many yuletide seasons is the poinsettia. Poinsettia flowers, or their leaves, come in many colors, but they are commonly seen in bright red.


Amaryllis (Hippeastrum). Their tall stalks and bright-colored flowers make this holiday flower a perfect embellishment on your center table. Amaryllis varieties are commonly sold during the holidays and can be seen in red, pink, white, with other colors and patterns. 


Rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus). Rosemary is an herb that is less recognized as a holiday plant compared to the previous ones. This was part of the Christmas tradition a few centuries ago in Europe; baby Jesus’ clothes were believed to have been dried on a rosemary bush and so many Christians believe that smelling rosemary at Christmas brings good luck. To decorate rosemary for the holiday season, it can be pruned to look like a mini Christmas tree.


Whatever plants you choose to add on your plant collection this season, do not forget to properly care for them amid the busiest season of the year. 


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