As recently reported by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), over 31 animal and plant species have been added to IUCN’s Red List for Threatened Species. 


The list involves 17 freshwater fish species that are endemic to Lake Lano aand its outlet in the Philippines. 15 of them are under the extinct category, while the two species are considered critically endangered or possibly extinct.


The 15 species are as follows: Barbodes amarus, Barbodes baoulan, Barbodes clemensi, Barbodes disa, Barbodes flavifuscus, Barbodes herrei, Barbodes katolo, Barbodes lanaoensis, Barbodes manalak, Barbodes pachycheilus, Barbodes palata, Barbodes palaemophagus, Barbodes resimus, Barbodes tras, and Barbodes truncatalus. While Barbodes lindog and Barbodes sirang are those in the latter category. 


As per IUCN, predatory species, overharvesting, and destructive fishing practices are the causes of extinction.


Meanwhile, 25 other species on the list are recovering, which according to Bruno Oberle, IUCN Director General, is due to the power of conservation efforts. However, Oberle emphasizes that conservation efforts must continue to broaden because the list of extinct species is also on the rise. 


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