By Yvette Tan

Plantitos and plantitas rejoice! Another exhibit and expo has arrived to whet the appetites of new and experienced ornamental plant collectors.

Called “Collections and Creations,” the plant fair will feature curated blooms and greens from Boyet Ganigan and Dr. Jae Silvestre of Arid and Aroids Nurseries.

Arid and Aroid Nurseries has been growing plants from arid and tropical countries for more than two decades. Aroids such as monsteras and philodendrons are once again in the spotlight not what more people are staying home and taking up gardening. The fair will showcase plant collections from 25 years ago like sansevierias, cycads, palms, agaves, ferns, aloes and aroids/

Also on exhibit will be new aloe and aroid hybrids and other genetically enhanced plants.

“Collections and Creations,” will run from December 18th to the 20th at the Atrium of the East Wing of Shangri La Plaza.