Former Cebu media personality is now a full-time farmer in Bohol

Johnny Sniper, proprietor of Coquilla Integrated Farm, poses with the farm's main crop.

By Vina Medenilla

Johnny Sniper, 39, a radio and TV personality in Cebu City, has been farming since college. Farming for Sniper is a passion that he learned through experience, consolidated ideas, and research. 

The 39-year-old farmer established his own farm in Antequera, Bohol in 2017. Coquilla Integrated Farm (CIF) is a 7,000sqm land equipped with crops, fishes, livestock, ornamental plants, product processing, and other elements. After his media production business temporarily closed because of the pandemic, Sniper decided to retire from his media career and to be a full-time farmer instead. 

Farm commodities

CIF naturally produces lettuce, ampalaya, upo, pechay, hybrid tomatoes, okra, bell pepper, and their main crop — eggplant. These particular crops are grown due to the high market demand, aside from the purpose of personal consumption. CIF fertilizes their plants with humic, fermented chili, and decomposed plants. 

They harvest crops twice every month, reaching up to 500 kilos of assorted veggies per harvest period. They sell these commodities in a public market as well as to customers who visit the farm. CIF also houses tilapia fishes in a four-feet deep pond and livestock including native chicken, whose meat and eggs are also sold to buyers.

The farm is also equipped with a four feet deep pond where tilapia fishes are raised.

As for their value-added goods, they have vinegar labeled Daddy Johnny Sukang Special (P60 per bottle) that’s made with the ingredients that come from the farm. 

Daddy Johnny’s Sukang Special is made of coconut vinegar, ginger, onions, garlic, lemongrass, and chili. Each bottle costs P60.

Marketing the farm can be a challenge that can be overcome with creativity. Sniper explains: “It requires too much labor and materials in order for you to attract clients and customers.” He addresses this through advertising and selling their vinegar products in bulk. 

Free range chicken farming 

Coquilla Integrated Farm raises Rhode Island Red (RIR) chickens and makes sure to provide them with nutrients not only through commercial feeds, but also in other natural food. 

Free range chickens are mostly fed with upland kangkong that are also grown on-site.

Free range chickens are mostly fed with upland kangkong that are also grown on-site.

Sniper showcases his skills not only in farming, but also in public speaking through the farm’s vlog. On CIF’s YouTube channel, he shares the farm’s practices in both crop and animal production. In one of their videos, Sniper shows how they use kangong, carabao grass, and siling labuyo to provide extra nourishment to their chickens. 

Another thing that they supply their native chickens with is a mixture of shredded coconut and camote that, as per Sniper, are two great sources of Vitamins A, C, and fiber that helps the chickens to easily lay eggs. Sniper recommends this practice to other livestock raisers as this aids in reducing expenses in chicken feed. This can be provided to chickens four to six times a week and preferably alternated with commercial feeds. 

Naturally produced cucumbers are also available and can be purchased at the farm’s store.

At present, the farm is currently being developed to be an agritourism site. And as for this retiree, living in a rural and remote area was a dream that has paved the way not only for him to live a healthy lifestyle, but also to provide livelihood and to share this passion with other people. 

Photos courtesy of Johnny Sniper.

For more information, visit Coquilla Integrated Farm.

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