Why you should start a family garden to improve your health

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If you have extra land or pots and idle spaces, there’s nothing better than to start a family garden for you and your family’s well-being. Gardening is a fun and productive activity to perform that will surely give back the effort you exerted, provided that you properly maintain your plants. From preparation to harvest time (if you grow crops), here are some gardening perks that you can all take delight in: 


Physical activity 

Garden activities are considered moderate-intensity exercises that are good for your health. Although family gardens do not require strenuous movement, performing tasks in your garden is still beneficial. This aids in enhancing fine motor skills through activities like digging. 


Better feeling, less stress

Gardening, as many gardeners can testify, is an effective stress reliever due to exposure to fresh air, sunlight, and contact with beneficial bacteria found in soil that releases serotonin in the brain, which makes one happy. 


Outdoor time

At this age, kids need to enjoy nature and the outdoors, especially since many of them tend to choose to stay indoors due to technology. Hence, it is important to engage them in active garden tasks not only for the physical stretch, but also for personal development and experience. 


Good sleep

Having a good night’s sleep is necessary for one’s body to function well. The gardening benefits stated below all contribute to bettering one’s sleep. Better and healthy sleep can help the whole family to improve their behavior and performance in school, work, even inside the household. 


Fresh, healthy food

Letting your kids grow their vegetables can help them appreciate more of what they consume. The same with adults, it is said that gardeners are more likely to take more fruits and veggies than non-gardeners. 


Family bonding time

Garden tasks like planning, sowing, and harvesting unite the family into an activity with a purpose shared by everyone. This makes everyone manage responsibility and could also give one a sense of accomplishment. It keeps the household busy with a project that strengthens family ties. There are numerous garden activities that you and your family can choose from may it be composting, watering, fruit or veggie picking, and even tasks that incorporate lessons. 

If planting vegetables, you can sow them from seed and let your kids pick the vegetable they would want to grow and maintain. Quick growing veggies can be more satisfying to watch for your kids. Flowers can be an option, too. 

Kids are curious and love to play and freely discover things on their own without hesitations, especially if they find them interesting. When selecting activities, there are lots of tasks that you can opt to perform. This may be collecting sticks, watering plants with containers or hose, digging holes, harvesting crops, and more. Choose the ones that foster development for your little ones. As parents, you are responsible for molding your children’s character. And guiding them into the right activities and good sources of information helps a lot for their growth. 

Gardening can teach everyone in your family a lot of things, both as individuals and as a family. As you grow your food, you and your family grow for the better, too. 

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