Entrepreneurs create leather from cactus, sparing billions of animals from the fashion industry

Adrian Lopez Velarde and Marte Cazares, two Mexican entrepreneurs and proprietors of the company Adriano Di Marti, developed a new technique to create fabric using cactus leaves. 

Cacti are known for being hard and thick. But when fully processed, the leaves feel like actual leather and being a cactus, the material doesn’t consume as much water compared to its commercial counterparts. 

The entrepreneurs have adopted natural dyes for processing the leather in a manner that doesn’t impact the environment. Plus, the material is completely biodegradable. The plant-based fabric is available in a variety of colors. 

Another selling point of the cactus leather is that it costs nearly similar to actual leather. 

Velarde and Cazares have been able to create items such as car seats, bags, shoes, and clothes from their newly-developed material. 

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