Gardening has several health benefits. Here are seven of them

Multiple studies have attested to the various health benefits associated with gardening. Here are seven well-known health benefits linked to caring for plants.

1. It relieves stress

It’s not only found in the process of gardening, but there are bacteria in soil that help gardeners combat stress. The same bacteria are noted to act as an antidepressant and may establish a strong immune system in those exposed to it.

2. It counts as exercise 

Exerting a little physical effort such as digging holes, carrying planters, and removing weeds can also count as exercise. One study claims that gardening can even help in offsetting age-related weight gain. Also, working in the garden for some time can help gardeners sleep better.

3. It may prevent dementia

Aside from exercising the body, gardening can also boost cognitive function and protect the brain against the onset of dementia. One study found that it could lower the risk of dementia by 36 percent.

4. It helps fight chronic diseases

By spending a moderate time under the sun, gardeners can get a good amount of vitamin D, which affects nearly every tissue in the body, and impacts everything from metabolism to the immune system. The vitamin is also linked to positive effects against type 2 diabetes, heart disease, bone health, and depression.

5. It helps people connect

Not only does gardening help people connect with nature, but it also fosters interpersonal connections since gardeners can interact with other gardeners due to a common interest.

6. It improves mood and self-esteem 

Several studies found that gardening increases positivity and has been linked to fighting mental illnesses. One particular study on the emotional well-being associated with common daily activities found that gardening consistently ranked in the top five activities that provide happiness.

7. It promotes a healthier diet

Home gardeners have the access to nutritious food as they have the advantage of growing these in their gardens. One study discovered that children are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables that are homegrown because they’re aware of how it was grown. 

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