Seven fruits that are safe for diabetics

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Eating fruits is a natural and healthy way to get a bite of something sweet. But for diabetics, there might be some precautionary measures on what fruits they can eat and how much they can enjoy while keeping their blood sugar levels in check. 

Here are seven fruits and their servings to make life easier for diabetics. As usual, a doctor should be consulted beforehand to make sure the ones on the list is safe for a particular individual:

1. Apple 

Apples are full of fiber, which are mostly found in the peel, making them a good choice for snacking. One small apple is equivalent to one serving that’s healthy and safe for people with diabetes.

2. Pears 

Like apples, pears also make a good snack, and they have a certain crunch in every bite. Plus, a study claims that eating pears may help manage type-2 diabetes. One small pear is good for one healthy serving.

3. Strawberries 

Fruits such as strawberries can sometimes be sweet, which is why people with diabetes should limit their intake to one cup of strawberries to keep their blood sugar at healthy levels. Strawberries are filled with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C, making them a healthy snack.

4. Bananas 

As they ripen, the sugar content in bananas rises so it’s best for diabetics to pick those that are slightly on the green side so that they don’t have to worry about how much sugar they’re taking in. Half a banana should be good enough for one serving.

5. Kiwi

These fuzzy fruits are not just juicy and tasty, but they also have relatively low sugar content, making them a good snack for people with diabetes. One and a half kiwis are good enough for one healthy serving.

6. Oranges 

Even if they’re super-sweet at times, oranges can also be a good addition to a diabetic’s diet. The fiber and vitamin C inside these fruits can even help fight against chronic disease. One medium-sized orange should be enough to provide the right amount of nutrients.

7. Melons

While melons are good on a warm day and are really juicy, it’s best to steer clear of watermelon as these have high sugar content. Choose melons or honeydews instead. One cup of cubed melons is suitable for one serving for diabetics. 

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