Five ways to make teens eat healthier

Teenagers or adolescents often gravitate towards comfort food such as processed foods, chips, and sugary snacks. Some factors why this happens include accessibility and taste. But as they continue to grow, it’s important they also get the right amount of nutrition to help their bodies and minds develop in the proper way. 

Since they’re at the age when they have strong urges, it may be difficult to introduce healthy eating, particularly for those who are finicky eaters.  Here are five ways to entice teens to eat healthily:

1. Buy fruits and vegetables that fit the budget

At times, buying fresh produce is expensive. One alternative to this is buying frozen vegetables or processed fruits like banana chips, mushroom chips, dried mangoes, and more. This will help curb any extra expenses and also provide healthier snacking options. 

Remember to check the label for the farm or manufacturer to make sure that these products contain the right amount of nutritional value and not just another processed food that’s masking as healthy food.

2. Provide healthy options that are within reach 

Teens usually look for something to munch on around the house. To make their scavenging easier, keep fruits and vegetables in a place where they usually check so these will catch their eye and eventually urge them to grab something healthy.

3. Be creative in adding fruits and vegetables to meals

For picky eaters, an extra step may need to be taken to ensure that they consume the right food. This can be done by being creative with their meals and sneaking in fruits and vegetables. 

For instance, put spinach in their scrambled eggs or add tomatoes and lettuce to their sandwiches. Choosing colorful produce helps in finding new and different ways to catch their attention.

4. Find out what they prefer 

In trying to get teens to eat healthily, take into account what food they prefer. This will make shopping for food easier and you can plan the meals that have the preferred ingredient so they would enjoy eating. Plus, they will feel grateful for being heard.

5. Teach them the benefits of eating healthy 

Apart from enticing them to eat the right kinds of food, it’s best to teach teenagers the importance and advantages of eating fruits and vegetables. Not only will they be conscious about consuming too much junk foods, but they will also be aware that munching on fruits and vegetables can do so much good for them. 

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