Garden Show at Robinson’s Magnolia offers plants from P300 to 1M

Arid and Aroids Colors Garden Show

To celebrate the lunar new year, Arids and Aroids Nurseries is holding Colors Garden Show at the Center Atrium of Robinson’s Magnolia.

The event opened on February 6 with a plant sale, where collectors items like verrucosus, anthurium regales, and warocqueanums were sold out in five minutes, by noon, and by three pm respectively. 

The garden show offers different ornamental plants, including aroids and sansevierias, as well as colorful imports like calatheas, caladiums, crotons, begonias, and aglaonemas.

Arid and Aroids Colors Garden Show also features curated plants and accessories from Lot´s Cactus Garden, Hardin Ni Wowa, Benguet Flower Cactus, Angel’s Cactus Garden, Aubrey Miles, Joy’s Flower Concepts.

There are plants for every budget, from P300 beauties to a P1M Philodendron joepii that’s already been sold (but is still on display). 

The organizers have been deluged with requests for another sale. Plant enthusiasts can check out the Arid and Aroids Facebook Page for further details.

The event runs until February 16.

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