Three plants to invoke luck in a space

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By Patricia Bianca S. Taculao 

For 2021, the plant to have is the prayer plant or Calatheas (Maranta leuconeura). It got its name from its characteristic of folding its leaves upwards during the night as if it was praying or mimicking the action of raising hands to receive blessings from above. 

Prayer plants are fairly low-growing, spreading plants that are excellent for grouped displays since these don’t reach a height of over eight inches. They thrive best under bright, indirect light and when provided with warm, moist, gentle circulation, and plenty of fertilizer–much like in a greenhouse.

(Read more about the prayer plant here.

But if the prayer plant is not up to your taste or if your growing conditions aren’t suitable for growing these particular plants, here are some alternatives that you can grow to invite luck or positivity in your space. 

Other plants that usher in luck 

Aside from the prayer plant, here are other plants that are thought to attract fortune and abundance at any time. 

Rubber plant 

Feng shui suggests that rubber plants attract wealth, prosperity, and good luck. Its round leaves are also said to be associated with positive energy. When placed in a room, it can purify the air and bring balance to its environment. A potted indoor rubber plant can grow between six to 10 feet tall, making it suitable for small rooms or offices.

Rubber plants are said to attract prosperity, wealth, and luck.


For centuries, aglaonemas or Chinese evergreens have been cultivated in China and other Asian countries as an indoor plant and a bringer of fortune. Its longevity, ease of growth, and striking appearance are considered beneficial for one’s well-being and financial success. These are slow-growing, and attractive plants that have large, narrow, and glossy oval leaves on short stems.

Aglaonemas are said to invite financial luck and longevity.

Citrus trees 

In feng shui, growing citrus plants is another way to attract money and good fortune since these invite prosperity to a home especially when they’re grown indoors. When grown indoors, there are varieties of citrus trees that grow as shrub-like plants in small pots. But there are those that can be trained to grow taller should a gardener or homeowner want something more striking.

Citrus trees, according to feng shui, is another way to attract money and good fortune. (Photo from Pixabay)

Luck may be subjective and different from one person to the next, but there’s no harm in believing that items such as plants can attract good fortune. Then again, having plants alone is already beneficial since these already purify the air, help reduce stress, and bring vibrancy to any room. 

Although plants and other lucky charms may help a person improve their mentality about their chances, it’s best to remember that we make our own luck based on our own choices. 

Photos courtesy of JM. 

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