Propagating calathea plants  

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A popular houseplant right now is the calathea. They are grown for their distinct and attractive foliage that comes in many shapes, patterns, and sizes. Calathea varieties mostly require regular watering, humidity, and shade. Given that their demands are provided, anyone can propagate calathea. 


Propagating calathea is through division (reproduction of plants by taking parts of mother plants), so make sure you take parts from healthy and mature mother plants. Take out the plant from its pot and carefully divide the roots using your hands. Repot the plant in a container appropriate to its size. Keep the soil moist and do not allow them to be overwatered. 


Keep them away from the sun, but still make room for some light. You can also cover them with plastic to increase humidity and to protect them from any pests. One can also do misting or can use a humidifier to keep the humidity high. Applying fertilizer also induces growth and keeps the foliage patterns vivid. 


Regularly keep the soil moist. In a few weeks, you can expect growth and development. Take off the plastic cover when watering or applying fertilizer. If you have been propagating or growing calathea for a while, don’t forget to use the methods that have always worked for you. 


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