Looking for a way to liven up your garden? Here are three trends you can try

Home gardening has become popular lately because of the increased amount of time that we spend indoors as a health precaution to the COVID-19 pandemic. But before that, countless others have already started growing their own food at home for a number of reasons. 

If you’re a new gardener who’s looking for inspiration on how to start or an experienced one who wants to liven up an existing garden, here are some trends that you can try. 

Start an immunity garden for your health 

Health is one of the top concerns of people over the years. One way that they can get enough vitamins and minerals to boost their immune system is by eating fruits and vegetables. So when you garden, consider what crops you can grow that can give you various health benefits. 

Grow gardens of joy with bright, colorful flowers 

Numerous studies have discovered the benefits of gardening in terms of physical and mental health. To further bank on these benefits, some gardeners have started gardens of joy that grow blooms that are as pleasing as the process of gardening itself. Try planting bright and colorful flowers that will surely make you smile whenever you catch a glimpse of them. 

Experience international flavors with an herb garden 

When traveling, being able to sample the different flavors of that country or area’s particular cuisine is important to fully get the experience of being there. But with an herb garden, you don’t need to travel just to taste the flavors of different cuisines. Herbs like lemongrass, dill, and cilantro that are easy to grow and can easily offer bright flavors to enhance any recipe. 

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