Philodendron Pink Princess: a beginner’s guide

Featured image from Jaymar T. Tababa.

The Philodendron Pink Princess (Philodendron erubescens) is known as an expensive house plant with dark green or black and pink foliage. It is classified as a climbing aroid whose leaves can grow up to nine inches long and five inches wide. 

Here are five things to consider in growing the Pink Princess:

Potting mix. The Pink Princess is a humidity-loving plant that grows best in well-drained, rich soil. For soilless cultivation, peat moss mixed with perlite is also acceptable. 

Sunlight. Place them in a window with bright, indirect light. If several leaves are turning yellow within the same period, this may indicate that the plant gets too much light. In contrast, give them more exposure to light when you see that they are growing tall and leggy without producing much leaves.  

Fertilizer.  Feed your philodendron plants with houseplant fertilizers once a month. Small leaves and slow growth may mean that your Pink Princess needs more fertilizer. Pale leaves are also an indication that a philodendron lacks the essential micronutrients like calcium and magnesium. 

Pests. Nuisances that you may encounter in tending philodendrons are aphids and mealybugs (Pseudococcidae). Remove mealybugs using cotton balls drenched in rubbing alcohol. Mix water with insecticidal soap and spray the solution on the plant to keep pests away. 

Toxicity. Philodendrons are toxic to animals and humans when consumed. If you have pets at home, it would help to do extra research on the plant’s effects on pets before deciding to cultivate it.  

Providing sufficient light will help you get the optimum color out of your Pink Princess. Wait for the philodendron to mature to get beautiful variegated foliage. When growing them outside, let them adjust to outdoor conditions by setting them in a shady area and gradually moving them to the sun over the span of two weeks before placing them outside permanently. 

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