This app donates a tree to a reforestation project every time you meditate

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Among countless meditation applications made by different developers around the globe, one application uses an approach that is unfamiliar to many.


Mindtree is a program built and based in Oslo, Norway that links human health with the environment. For every user who meditates using the said app, the company distributes the majority of its profits to forest reforestation projects conducted by its partner charity in countries including Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda. This makes Mindtree the world’s first app to plant a tree for every use. Aside from benefiting the Earth, this also offers a sustainable livelihood to the locals.  


The app is now available in over 20 countries and is accessible via app stores both on iOS and Android. Some features of Mindtree include guided meditation on stress, anxiety, sleep, focus, and gratitude. Users can opt to access the full collection for US$9.90 or P480 for a monthly subscription. Each subscription contributes to planting 30 trees a month, given the daily use of the app. 


Through Mindtree, people can alleviate their stress and anxiety while also making a positive impact in the world by meditation. 


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