What type of gardener are you?

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Gardeners around the world have different methods of growing plants. Gardeners vary depending on their purpose, goals, and the approaches that they use. Here are some types of gardeners that you may find similar to yourself: 


Newbie. Novice gardeners who have zero to limited knowledge in gardening most likely fall in this category. Results of their initial garden experience will always be part of their journey that they’ll carry along as they gain more experience. 


Unenthusiastic. This gardener loses interest in tending to the garden, which could be because of the state of the garden, the priorities that they have to attend to aside from gardening, or other reasons. Unenthusiastic gardeners would rather pray for rain so the plants will thrive without them having to do manual watering. 


Landscaper. A landscaper gardener considers and prioritizes certain things like regular garden maintenance. Their garden looks perfect and organized with its mowed lawn and well-trimmed plants and hedges.   


Mother Earth. This gardener practices natural methods such as composting and propagates plants from seeds. They focus on growing food and raising chickens or bees and integrate this with food production. 


Specimen. The garden of this specimen gardener is filled with uncommon plant varieties. They like to show off their gardens and to collect plants that capture their interest the most. With their diverse plant collection, this type of gardener may often experience failures.  


Seasonal. Depending on the season, this gardener appears or collects plants on their preferred season or period of the year. 


Passionate. Out of all gardeners, this one is the most active in gardening. Regardless of the weather, passionate gardeners can adjust to any season and are aware of the crops that they would grow at any time of the year. They have concrete plans and dreams for the garden and passionately share this with others. 


There are no right and wrong types of gardeners. Their personality varies depending on each gardener’s priorities, goals, and available resources.


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