Curling leaves: A snake plant problem

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One of the easiest houseplants to grow is the snake plant (Dracaena trifasciata). This popular plant is highly adaptable and can thrive even after a few weeks of being neglected. Despite its high adaptability, snake plants also need care and they also face issues like curling leaves. 


Possible causes of curling leaves

The leaves of snake plants can grow up to three feet tall. Since their foliage is usually tall and straight, it won’t be hard to notice if your snake plants are in a bad condition. When you see that the leaves are curling and indicating signs of diseases or pest infestation, control this right away. 


Most cases of curling leaves for snake plants are due to thrip infestation. Thrips are tiny insects, making them difficult to notice not until when the infestation becomes huge and visible. This can cause harm to your plants, so immediate action is necessary. 


Remove the infected leaves and discard them right away. Wipe the uninfected, healthy leaves with wet cotton or cloth. If the plant is unsavable, dispose of them immediately to stop the contamination. Practice proper care for your snake plants regularly to avoid infestations like this. Although snake plants are common houseplants, this does not mean they are not affected by plant issues. 


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