Ginger is known as a tropical spice that brings a warm, almost floral taste to any dish. Its rhizomes, which are butter yellow with a pink blush on the inside, are dug straight from the ground where it grows. 

Anyone who wants to grow ginger in their home for a sustainable and continuous supply can easily do so because ginger is easy to propagate. It can even be done using supermarket leftovers. 

To do this, simply pick the freshest piece. One way to know is if it has visible “eyes” or small yellow tips where shoots sprout. 

Next, plant each piece in a pot of well-drained potting mix with the eyes just level with the surface then water well. Cover the pot with a clear plastic bag and place it in a sunny spot outdoors. Within a few weeks, green tips will become noticeable.

The plant will start producing harvests after six to eight months. 

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