Four steps in designing a permaculture garden

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Gardeners everywhere are reaping the benefits of growing plants. But in today’s world, with climate change as a pressing issue, it’s time to consider creating a garden that can give back to the local environment. And that can easily be done through permaculture gardening, a sustainable technique that heavily relies on nature. 

The most challenging part of permaculture gardening is the design process since it involves determining the ideal spot for growing plants, what species to plant in the area, and if the local environment is suitable to grow these items. 

Here are four steps to get the planning process started: 

Step 1: Be familiar with the land

First off, identify what plants are native to the present area, then figure out the right spots to place them in. Since permaculture gardening relies on the environment, make sure that the plants are located in a sunny area that has easy access to a viable water source. 

Step 2: Learn how to space 

Plants don’t do well if they’re crammed together in a tight space. At most, they need a few feet of breathing space to allow their roots to develop fully without having to fight for nutrients. Plan out the entire area and realistically determine how much space is needed to grow plants. 

Step 3: Decide on the physical type of the garden

Gardeners have different preferences when it comes to the type of garden that they want to start. Usually, it depends on the amount of space they have at home. Choices vary from container gardening, raised bed gardening, and in-ground gardens. 

Step 4: Choose plants that will thrive well in the area 

Different plants require different conditions. Conduct research to narrow down which ones are suited to grow in the available environment. 

Both humans and the environment will benefit from the holistic technique of permaculture. Creating a more sustainable approach that’s also low-maintenance and can teach gardeners how to reduce waste and how to thrive with what nature has to offer. 

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