Three possible reasons why your houseplants are dying

Featured Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

Although each plant parent has their own gardening story, a similar experience among all gardeners is plant mortalities. 

And the question is, why do plants die? Here are a few answers to this question that many gardeners would find true.

  • Overwatering and bad watering techniques

Unconsciously drowning the plants is a common problem faced by growers. Overwatering occurs when the soil is submerged in water for a prolonged time. When the soil moisture is retained longer than usual, this prevents the roots from breathing, causing them to rot.

This is typically encountered by plants in containers with no proper drainage or with insufficient access to sunlight for them to dry. 

To avoid this, let the water pass through the soil for several minutes after watering. Make sure to remove the liquid from the saucer every after watering. Another option is to get the plants, carry them in the sink or shower area to hydrate them, then let the water drain for a bit before returning them to their areas. 

Featured Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

A plant store owner said that many plant care tips are always about the number of times that the plants should be watered, but not about the amount of water or the proper way of watering. This is probably why many gardeners, especially beginners, face watering issues.

  • Unmatched environment and gardener personality

One factor that also contributes to the death of plants is clashing growing conditions, plant requirements, and plant parent’s personalities. 

For plants to survive, gardeners must know their needs and align them with the plants’ needs instead of just focusing on their ornamental value.  This way, plants can thrive in the condition of the plant parent’s environment.

  • Carrying out wrong care for plants

Researching and verifying the information about each plant is necessary to perform the right care for them. 

An agripreneur said that the idea of having a ‘black thumb’ holds back many people from nurturing plants and that this notion needs to stop. 

Instead, gathering the right information about the fundamentals of growing plants is important to build confidence. This will guide gardeners to discover in-depth details on plant cultivation.

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