Six secrets to making container gardening easier

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Urban gardening has become a rising trend as more people are enjoying the benefits and satisfaction of growing their food. One of the methods that urban gardeners have been using to grow food in limited space is container gardening. 

Container gardening is easy as it seems. Gardeners just need to provide the plant’s requirements but this time in containers. But there are other practices that they can try to secure the success of their container garden. Here are six of them:

1. Use bigger pots 

The crucial element of container gardening is the pots. Select the size of the pot based on the plant but using bigger pots can help make the process easier. Not only will this give the plants’ roots enough space to grow, but the additional space can also be used to grow other plants in the same pot.

2. Practice companion planting 

One way to increase the productivity of plants in container gardens is by pairing them up with other plants in one container. Many vegetables can be paired with others but it’s best to do some research before pairing them together since some have adverse effects, like competition for nutrients, if grown with a plant that they’re not compatible with.

3. Choose any vegetable

Most vegetables can be grown in containers, some gardeners have even grown melons in containers. A prolific container garden doesn’t have to be limited to small vegetables alone. Urban gardeners can experiment and choose any vegetable that they’d like to grow in their gardens.

4. Add a dash of aesthetic 

To make sure that a garden bears a lot of fruit, gardeners can add flowers into the mix to attract natural pollinators like bees and butterflies. The flowers will also add a burst of color and aroma to make any gardener smile with delight.

5. Consider the seasons

Some vegetables thrive well if they are planted during the right season. And if these vegetables are planted beyond their respective seasons, gardeners make sure that they’re kept safe from extreme conditions to secure their growth.

6. Harvest only when ready

Growing vegetables is a productive and fulfilling activity. And while many gardeners are excited to reap what they sow, it’s important to remember to harvest the produce only when they’re ready. This is to make sure that the produce are of top quality so that the gardeners or consumers can fully enjoy its flavor and health benefits. 

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