How to make an effective microorganism activated solution (EMAS) fertilizer in just five minutes

Photo screen captured from the AgriTalk's 2 Easy Learning Video Series 16


Effective Microorganism Activated Solution (EMAS) is a fertilizer that induces the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Natural fertilizers like EMAS make the soil, plants, environment, and farmers healthy and safe from any harmful chemicals. 

Photo screen captured from the AgriTalk’s 2 Easy Learning Video Series 16

To make this, the necessary materials are the following: plastic container, molasses, EM-1 solution, 90mL water, funnel, and measuring cup. 

Pour 50mL EM-1 solution into a measuring cup, then using the funnel, transfer it into an empty and clean plastic container. Next, add 50mL of molasses and 90mL water (without chlorine) to the container. 

Put the cap or lid on the plastic bottle. Make sure that it is tightly closed, then gently shake the bottle to mix the ingredients. 

Ferment it for a week and store it in a secured area with no access to the sun. 

Watch the instructional video here

For more information, call the farmers’ contact center at 09209462474.

The procedure was demonstrated in AgriTalk’s 2 Easy Learning Video Series that presents instructional guides on organic fertilizers and pesticides, urban agriculture technologies, and the production of fast crops. The online series was held in partnership with the Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Training Center (DA-ATI) and Manila Bulletin’s Agriculture Online.

Photo screen captured from the AgriTalk’s 2 Easy Learning Video Series 16.

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