Australian farmer uses a vending machine to sell fresh eggs and honey

Photo by Jakub Kapusnak from Unsplash

More people are becoming interested in buying fresh farm produce for consumption because of its health benefits. And what better place can they get their fix of such products than from the farms who grow fresh fruits and vegetables as well as raise livestock for meat and other purposes. 

Sadly, farms aren’t always open all hours of the day. But one natural farm on Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia had an idea to capitalize on its proximity to the suburbs by installing a cashless vending machine to sell fresh eggs and honey 24/7.

The idea was born from farmer Alexi Cox who saw neighboring customers in their community who wanted to buy pasture-raised eggs during the week when their shop at Peregian Beach was closed. 

With an internal temperature of 15 degrees, the machine disperses cartons to consumers without cracking the eggs inside, allowing the farm owners to look after their customers without having to put in extra hours. 

Later on, Cox modified the machine to be able to store honey and other fresh products from their farm. 

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