Four ways towards more eco-friendly farms

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Farming has always played an important role in maintaining human life. But recently, many people have been pointing out the harmful environmental effects caused by toxic fertilizers and chemical pesticides which have adverse effects on the soil, water, and even on the climate.

To address this concern, innovative farmers and scientists introduced a different farming system that’s friendlier to the environment. The best part is it won’t cost much for farmers to adapt to this new, greener method. 

Here are four ways to make farms more eco-friendly:

1. Pick the ideal tools and equipment

Although it may seem irrelevant, choosing the right farming tools is important in sustainability because it reduces waste and offers more efficiency along with cost-effective and easier farming. Equipment and machinery need to be sanitized regularly to avoid any hazards that may harm crops, livestock, and consumers.

2. Use cover crops

Cover crops are plants that are simply meant to cover the soil. These assist in managing soil erosion, soil quality, fertility, pests, weeds, diseases, and the overall biodiversity in the farm. Studies have also discovered that cover crops help in adding organic matter to the soil, attracting the right pollinators, increasing crop yields, and improving crop diversity.

3. Avoid overplanting

Overplanting landscapes can prevent the variety of crops that grow on a farm. It can also produce disease and contaminate the nutrients absorbed by the plants and the soil. But this can be easily resolved by planting a wide range of crops that attract the right kind of insects that won’t harm the soil.

4. Practice crop rotation

Growing crops repetitively in the same spot can have a negative long-term health effect on a farm. To avoid this, the position where crops are commonly grown should be rotated. This will help promote healthier soil and reinforce pest control. 

The conventional farming system has become an integral part of many farmers. But with the continuous challenge of climate change, adapting to sustainable and cost-effective methods can help farmers contribute to securing the world’s resources for future generations. 

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