Britain offers cash incentives to those who eat more fruits and vegetables

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Obesity continues to be a pressing health risk around the world. Great Britain is one of the worst-hit nations with obesity as studies show that two in three adults in the country are either overweight or obese. 

To help inspire the citizens to combat obesity, the British government will provide cash incentives as well as bonuses and discount coupons to those who will adopt a healthy lifestyle by cutting down on unhealthy foods and consuming more fruits and vegetables.

Even Prime Minister Boris Johnson supports this movement and pledged to lose weight. 

An app will help the government analyze the monthly spending of every household at supermarkets. Those who purchase more fruits and vegetable items will be rewarded. The app will also track and award people when they decide to walk to school or work rather than ride any vehicle. 

Incentives will be distributed as “loyalty points” through the app which can be converted into discounts, free tickets, and cashback. 

The initiative is expected to start by January of next year, with the government optimistic that it can help reduce obesity rates drastically within the next few years. 

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