Filipino gardener aims to break the record for the world’s heaviest jackfruit

Last July 2021, Randy Maranan, a gardener from Laguna, was astonished by his jackfruit tree after it produced giant fruits.

 By Vina Medenilla

In San Pedro, Laguna, Randy Maranan, a gardener and retired executive of Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), recently shared about his jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) that weighs heavier than the current record holder at the Guinness World Records.

“Unofficially, we have the world’s heaviest jackfruit!!! Guinness World Record is 42.7 kg, ours weigh 49.7 kg,” reads the caption of Maranan’s Facebook post. 

Photo screen captured from Maranan’s Facebook post.

Original post

Maranan’s jackfruit measures 24 inches long with a circumference of 53.5 inches, bigger compared to the heaviest jackfruit previously recorded that has a length of 22.5 inches and a circumference of 52 inches.

Maranan submitted the application last July 29, 2021, after harvesting the jackfruit. 

Guinness World Records data shows that the world’s heaviest jackfruit weighs 42.72 kilograms from a farm affiliated with the Jackfruit Company in Pune, Maharashtra, India. This was confirmed on June 23, 2016. 

The said company aims to “bring awareness to the possibilities of jackfruit, from health benefits and sustainability to providing income and opportunity for farming families.”

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Photos courtesy of Randy Maranan. 

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