Tips on how to make a garden more sustainable and beautiful

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Recent reports on climate change and other environment-related misfortunes have put a big task on everyone’s shoulders: saving the world. Luckily, grand gestures aren’t the only way to show people’s contributions. Through gardening, they can already make a real difference while being able to enjoy themselves. 

Here are some ways that gardeners can make their gardens more sustainable without compromising their beauty:

Unknown to many, plants also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. An example of this is the “disposable” bedding plants that are planted out for a few months a year before being removed and replaced with new purchases. 

One way to address this is by choosing to propagate plants. Not only is it cost-effective but it’s also environmentally-friendly as well. Plus, gardeners can work with a far greater range of species. 

Another way is by sticking to perennials or self-seeding annuals instead of the traditional perennial bedding. The plants will last longer, require minimal work, and have a lesser impact on the environment.  

Gardeners can do more than just reduce carbon emissions, they can help capture them too. Planting trees is the obvious choice when drawing out carbon from the atmosphere. Using hedges can also replace the expense and emissions from fences or walls while providing a home for wildlife or something good to look at year-round. 

Using compost instead of peat is also helpful when it comes to making a garden more sustainable since compost improves soil quality thus producing healthier plants. 

One other way that gardeners can reduce carbon emissions in the environment is by leaving their soil alone. The idea of routinely digging a garden has been reported to damage soil health and release a significant amount of the carbon it stores. 

Saving the world may sound daunting, but people don’t need superpowers or a high-tech suit to do so. All they need are the right gardening tools and knowledge and they’re ready to make a difference—environment-wise. 

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