Small farm owner shares what she loves about farming

The Honest Crop Farm is a small farm in Tanauan, Batangas that practices natural farming principles.

Farmers have their personal reasons for why they enjoy spending time in nature and growing different kinds of plants or raising livestock. 

Joana Tan, an owner of a small natural farm called The Honest Crop Farm in Tanauan, Batangas, has her own reasons for being so passionate about farming. 

“What I love about farming is that nature is very kind and gracious to us humans. There are plants I thought I had killed, but grew after a few months. I don’t have time to research, plan, and manage the farm at all but nature takes care of itself,” she shared.

Joana Tan, the owner of The Honest Crop Farm

Tan has been farming for 10 years. She grows herbs, fruits, and vegetables and raises animals like chickens and goats. 

She added that she prefers natural farming because it offers practical benefits to people like her who prefer living healthy. Plus it helps promote clean air, the growth of various flowers, and a sense of serenity among people.

Various crops grown on the farm.

There are many other reasons why people go into farming but there’s no denying that farming benefits both humans and the environment, especially if it promotes natural farming practices. 

Photos courtesy of Joana Tan

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