Having a vegetable garden means having a source of fresh, healthy produce. But humans aren’t the only ones who flock to vegetable gardens since flies and maggots usually invade outdoor spaces during the growing season. 

Maggots feed on the roots of vegetables and are attracted to plants that give off moisture. Eventually, maggots grow into root maggot flies which cause infestations. 

One way to keep a garden maggot-free is by laying down a few layers of paper on top of the soil to prevent flies from laying eggs. 

Some planting practices and gardening tools can also make a difference. These include avoiding the indiscriminate use of manure as some low-quality ones may already be contaminated with maggots and prioritizing the cleanliness of the garden. 

Without the presence of maggots and flies, gardeners can enjoy fresh vegetables that are free of pests. 

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