What garlic cloves need to grow happy and healthy

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One common ingredient in cuisines around the world is garlic. This vegetable is widely considered a herb and is loved for the flavor and aroma that it adds to almost any dish. And with the rise of urban gardening, many have enjoyed growing garlic in their spaces. 

Garlic, like any other crop, has requirements to grow. If these needs are met, it will result in fat, juicy cloves that both cooks and gardeners love. 

Just remember that garlic plants love full sun, healthy soil, and some space to grow during the early stages of growth. 

If growing from scraps, the clove should be planted flat end down, around five centimeters deep in rich soil. If there is one garlic in a pot or plot, maintain a distance of 18 to 20 centimeters between each clove to give them the elbow room they need. 

As it grows, covering them with fine mesh netting or similar materials can protect them from birds and pests. 

Garlic bulbs take around 30 to 60 days to form properly. If gardeners successfully meet their needs, they’ll be rewarded with happy, healthy garlic bulbs that they can use in cooking. 

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