By Eula Dee A. Lañada
Photos by Aeron P. Bermudez

With over two decades of farming experience, Mr. Reynaldo Diaz, Sr. owes all of his children’s education to agriculture. Situated in the beautiful town with bountiful supply of crabs and shrimps, Orani, Bataan, the Diaz Agri Farm offers unique activities which farmers especially organic agriculture enthusiasts would highly appreciate. These comprise of organic fertilizer making, formulation of organic concoctions and extracts, organic farming and urban gardening activities, rice planting, and egg picking and salted egg making.

One would not go hungry when touring around the area. Serving crops available in the farm, one would be sure that it is fresh and chemical-free. Prepared by Mr. Diaz’s lovely wife, Divina, they usually serve scrumptious and nutritious meals: ginataang kamansi and vegetables, laing, sinigang na hipon, adobong alimango, nilagang baboy, salted egg, and blue ternate juice infused with lemon extract.

Reynaldo and Divina Diaz of Diaz Agri Farm in Orani, Bataan.

Umayos ka,” Diaz exclaimed when asked what would he instill in other people’s hearts, especially the young ones. He shared that in everything that a person is doing, he should give it his best shot. Whether you are watering the plants, driving, or just weeding, you have to give it your all, and do it with passion.

Speaking of passion, Diaz imparted his passion for sharing. Be it farmers, youth, women, extension workers, he said he does not hesitate to share his knowledge on farming especially on organic agriculture.

Diaz does not hesitate to share his knowledge on farming especially on organic agriculture.

You can visit Diaz Agri Farm in Brgy. Mulawin, Orani, Bataan if you are nearby and see more of the splendors of his learning site for agriculture

This article was first published as Diaz Agri Farm in Vignette A Travelogue of Central Luzon’s Agritourism Sites from the Agricultural Training Institute Regional Training Center III.