Sunlight is one requirement that plants need to grow healthy. Some gardeners consider where the sunlight falls in their space before starting a vegetable garden. This process sun mapping, a permaculture practice that helps people determine where the sun falls in their area throughout the year. 

The ideal spot for a vegetable garden receives full sun throughout the year. But finding the right place where the sun hits can be challenging in urban areas, where tall buildings block the light. 

One solution is to observe the area at different times of the day to see where the sun falls. After that, take note of the locations that get the most sunlight and start planning on how to set up a vegetable garden. 

Aside from finding the area that gets the most sun, choose vegetables that thrive well in the amount of sunlight that will hit the garden. 

With proper sun mapping and preparation, gardeners can enjoy a thriving garden filled with lush, growing vegetables. 

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