By Eula Dee Lañada
Photos by Aeron P. Bermudez

Her desire to retire in a simple home with a garden turned into a stunning farm filled with arugula, different varieties of lettuce, Japanese cucumber, cherry tomatoes, herbs and vegetables. Located in Magalang, Pampanga, Ms. Cynthia G. Tizon did not see the hindrance of growing crops with only 1,200 square meters of land considered as productive.

Tizon was able to build her own farm with the help from the right people.

She did not expect to own a farm since she worked in the bank in her younger years. Through the people she met and connected through the years, it led her to building her own farm. She said that it is important to “connect with the right people.”

Alarmed as the children nowadays cannot identify crops or plants without seeing their fruits, she saw herself as an instrument to expose them in her farm. Known as Charisma Nature Farm, Tizon aspires her farm as an educational trip destination for children.

When asked why expose the children to farming, she quipped, “I have in mind that if these children reach high school and college, they will opt to take up agriculture.” Tizon emphasized that farming is very important and it is a very noble profession. Without farmers, no one will feed the world.

Known as Charisma Nature Farm, Tizon aspires her farm as an educational trip destination for children.

Tizon also regularly conduct trainings in her farm. Aside from conducting trainings, she was given a chance to host a television program in PEP TV 3—a local channel in Pampanga. The program is called ‘Going Green’ with experts from different fields of agriculture as resource speakers. They encourage urban dwellers to produce their own food since it is difficult to find healthy, nutritious and chemical-free produce in the market.

Tizon’s heart is devoted to organic agriculture and health and wellness. With all the various trainings that she went through and lessons she learned; she wants to pass these on to the younger generation who will eventually become agri-preneurs.

This article was first published as Charisma Nature Farm in Vignette A Travelogue of Central Luzon’s Agritourism Sites from the Agricultural Training Institute Regional Training Center III.