PBB Otso winner Yamyam shares his farm life in the outside world

Yamyam expressed his gratitude to his YouTube subscribers for their continued support. (Screengrab from Yamyam Gucong’s Instagram account)

By Vina Medenilla

The audience of the reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) gets to witness what the housemates do or talk about inside the house almost 24/7. However, the public sees very little of their lives outside the PBB house.

Off-camera, Yamyam Gucong, the big winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Otso, is a proud farmer raised by his farming family in Inabanga, Bohol.

In several videos on his YouTube account, he shared snippets of his life as a farmer as well as shots of the people that motivated him to become one.

Gucong shared that, as a kid, harvesting rice used to be part of his summer routine so he could have something to eat and pack when school resumed.

He and his family constantly turn to agriculture despite the hard-earned prizes he had won in PBB not only because they are accustomed to the farm life, but also because of the security and fulfillment that it provides.

In one of Gucong’s vlogs in April 2021, the comedian went to their rice field that’s about a 30-minute walk from home to harvest rice. He carried and used a treadle thresher to separate the rice grains from straw as well.

On a separate day, he harvested corn and peanuts. While sitting and enjoying his freshly-picked nuts, the vlogger said in Tagalog, “If you work hard, you won’t go hungry on a farm or in the province.”

Working with nature can truly be rewarding. Case in point, when he gets hungry while farming, Gucong picks fruits to snack on while on the farm. In one vlog, he chooses bayabas.

What happened to his corn harvests, you ask? He crushed the dried corn into powder using a traditional grinder made of wood and a huge stone. He then prepared it for his family as corn rice.

Another vlog showed how he, his brother, and his cousin, collected alimango or crabs in a swamp. They harvested kangkong afterward to complete their meal.

Their agricultural land allows them to bond as a family. Gucong’s father, as seen in a vlog, stressed the value of farming, both financially and physically, which explains why he couldn’t leave the fields even up to now.

Yamyam is all smiles with his family. (Photo screengrab from Yamyam Gucong’s YouTube channel.)

Apart from the fact that farming has been the family’s source of income, it also serves as a kind of exercise for him, which is beneficial at his age.

Known as the wacky guy that he is, Gucong happily and jokingly showed how they guide their carabao in plowing the land using several signals and words like ‘ko’ short for ‘liko’ or in English, ‘turn.’

Afterward, his father continued plowing the land, while Gucong and his mother started planting corn seeds.

Farming has long been part of Gucong’s life even before entering the iconic PBB house. After all the lights and cameras are turned off, Gucong always goes back to where his story began.

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