Couple who spent 13 years in Rome came home to the Philippines to farm

TingTano Farm gives an idyllic view of nature.

By Eula Dee Lañada
Photos by Aeron P. Bermudez

Situated at the top of the hill, TingTano Farm gives you an idyllic view of nature, especially gorgeous sunsets and beautiful dawns. The place gives off a Baguio vibe due to its often cold weather and the presence of fog during dawn and dusk. Often asked why their farm is named that way, it is apparently the combination of the nicknames of the owners: ‘Ting’ for Marilou and ‘Tano’ for Christian Facun.

The Facuns spent 13 years in Rome, Italy and decided to head back home for good because: first, to spend more time together. Even though they are living under the same roof, their time for work does not jive, it is just the same as living alone.

Marilou “Ting” and Christian “Tano” Facun.

Second, to be with family and friends. Lastly, to achieve their dream which is to acquire a piece of land and build a farm. Aside from making their dream tangible one step at a time, they are also able to help the community.

Their farm opens job opportunities for farmers in their area, since most of them are just planting once a year, their idle times are put into good use. The Facuns give their farm workers the liberty to do their work, with only minimal supervision thus encouraging critical thinking among them.

Also, as organic farming as their advocacy, aside from teaching them the way, they are sure that their workers are safe. TingTano Farm is integrated brimming with bananas, mushroom, vegetables, herbs & spices, cacao, mango, papaya, duhat, guava, lettuce, native chicken, native pigs, and tilapia fishpond. They also painstakingly made products out of raw materials from their farm such as dried chili pepper and crispy oyster mushroom chips with no preservatives added.

Mushrooms grown on the farm.

With San Jose as the next summer capital, their farm will surely be a hit especially for organic agriculture enthusiasts. Aside from learning about organic agriculture and living a healthy lifestyle, visitors could enjoy setting a camp in the farm. If you have tents with you, bring them over and enjoy the cold weather and luminous stars appearing right before your eyes. With a pond filled with tilapia, visitors could also venture into fishing and grilling it afterwards.

One would savor the taste of natural farming and chemical-free produce through the dishes served in the farm. Visitors would enjoy pinakbet, tilapia, lettuce, and lemon grass juice.

The hands-on couple said, “Kung anong tinatanim namin, kinakain namin.”

The couple grows all their crops naturally.

This is to ensure that their produce is healthy and safe to consume for their family, workers, especially their visitors and buyers.

This article was first published as TingTano Integrated Farm and Enterprise in Vignette A Travelogue of Central Luzon’s Agritourism Sites from the Agricultural Training Institute Regional Training Center III. 

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