PCAARRD’s campaign boosts awareness on the science of food production

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Many are still unaware of the laborious process that food goes through before it reaches our dining tables.

This is exactly why the DOST-PCAARRD (Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources Research and Development) launched “Flavors of Science.”

It is a campaign that aims to raise the public awareness about the science behind food production and to acknowledge all individuals that take part in the food supply chain, including farmers, fisherfolk, scientists, researchers, and research managers.

Throughout the campaign, DOST-PCAARRD will be sharing their efforts in enhancing sweetpotato production, purifying native chickens, ducks, and pigs, preserving and raising tawilis, and a lot more.

Flavors of Science emphasizes the dissemination of key information about the work, science, technology, developments, and other things involved in producing food in general. 

To support this campaign, PCAARRD introduced its first Agri-Aqua Ambassador, Marvin Agustin, a celebrity chef and business owner, who will help create content and spread information about agricultural commodities through his social media accounts.

During the official virtual launch of Flavor of Science, which was live-streamed through the DOST-PCAARRD’s Facebook page, Agustin mentioned that the project will be an avenue to build a better understanding of the relationship between the consumers, food producers, scientists, and researchers.

The newly-appointed ambassador will not only share information, but he will also excite taste buds by presenting recipes that incorporate native produce and ingredients in his upcoming videos, which he will release in the coming months.

Agustin mentioned that he will highlight more commodities such as darag chicken, itik pinas, native pigs, and tawilis, and demonstrate how to incorporate them into various meals.

Using native ingredients, according to him, provides fresher food than when using imported products since they do not have to be transported across vast distances. He added that prioritizing the use of local produce will benefit everyone in the food sector–from farmers to business owners and consumers.

DOST-PCAARRD and its ambassador will be employing the online platforms and leveraging its power to reach a larger audience who share the same goal and vision of a self-sufficient Philippines.

Needless to say, knowing where our food comes from is just as crucial as receiving the right amount of nutrients from it. Because understanding its origins allows us to better grasp the issues of the industry and to make better choices.

For more information and updates on this campaign, visit DOST-PCAARRD

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