Gabby Concepcion enjoys life on his Batangas farm

Concepcion holding a bunch of saba bananas.

By Vina Medenilla

A beachfront house with a farm. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? This is exactly what actor-entrepreneur Gabby Concepcion has built on his property in Lobo, Batangas. He calls it Amang Lobo Homestead. 

When he is not working as an actor, you’ll find him there doing other things. Concepcion spent more time developing his land in the province during the pandemic. 

He gave his fans and followers a tour of his farm on his YouTube channel. 

The Amang Lobo Homestead is home to several goats and chickens. The area is mostly planted with banana trees, but it also grows okra, chili, squash, malunggay, oregano, and eggplant among others.

Gabby Concepcion is among those individuals who found provincial life enjoyable.

Concepcion’s vlogs show how involved he is in the improvement of his farm. But of course, given his current work commitments, he cannot perform all the tasks alone without a helping hand.

He is joined by a husband-and-wife duo who is in charge of caring for the crops and making meals every day. Concepcion also commended Noeimi for being a seasoned cook while at the same time being a mom to four kids with Ricky. 

Living on a farm isn’t complete without preparing the harvested crops. The actor himself harvests and uses the crops to make dishes like sinampalukang manok.

Conception shared that around 75 tamarind trees thrive on his farm, which flowers during the rainy season or around June. 

In one vlog, he showed how they harvest bananas and use the other parts of the tree to feed the livestock. “Anything [that is] not consumed by the animals goes back to the soil as fertilizer,” he wrote. 

Concepcion celebrates his birthday by harvesting bananas last 2020. “We take the time to nurture our trees and animals here at the homestead,” reads his caption on Instagram.

On one of his harvest days, he took a hilarious video of himself climbing a coconut tree to pick its fruit. At first glance, it looks dangerous. As he descended the tree, he revealed that the coconuts may be reached by hand when standing flat on the ground.

Farming and living in the province allow him to have fun and relax. After a long day at work, he still manages to go home to his little paradise away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

When the time comes for Concepcion to retire, it appears that he does not have to look far for a retirement home.

As Concepcion always says, take care because we care!

Photos screen captured from Gabby Concepcion’s Instagram account.

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